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About Company

Established in 2017 SHS intends to be forefront runner in providing customized security solutions to its clients. Currently operating in Delhi-NCR SHS is ready to mark its presence Pan India with a ready manpower of 300+ personnel that provides integrated and comprehensive security to:

  • Multinational companies/Industries
  • Hotels/Restaurants/Clubs/Pubs
  • Banks/ATMs/Government buildings
  • Residential societies
  • Individual homes
  • Farm Houses
  • Gated Communities
  • Malls and shopping complex
  • Celebrities/HNIs
  • National and Local events/Trade Fairs/ Expo
  • Construction site

We are registered with the Govt. of Delhi, having a Fleet of well-trained, honest, sincere and dedicated security Personnel. After a comprehensive pre-employment screening process, we recruit our security personnel based on their ability to sustain themselves in the industry and contribute towards the secure growth of our clientele. Security guards we induct are able-bodied persons with minimum 10th qualification, graduate, and ex-servicemen. Managed by well trained and experienced industry professionals SHS is constantly and relentlessly making persistent efforts to provide quality services for our valuable clients/customers suiting to their individual requirements. Our security Agency observe five principles and follow the same strictly viz. SELECTION, TRAINING, MOTIVATION, DEDICATION AND CUSTOMER CARE. We ensure able personnel supply through:

  • Well trained security guards, duly verified by the police about their permanent and present address, character, antecedents etc.
  • GUNMEN, Verified having licenses and also their Identity Verification done through local police station about their antecedents and permanent and present address.
  • Since the statutory requirements would be met, there is no liability on the principle employer i.e. the Client.

About Founders

Richard Anderson

Manish Kumar Dubey



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